Thursday, June 13

How to choose the best brothel?

For those who didn’t know, prostitution has been legal in Australia since 1992, since the enactment of Anna’s Law but some of the regulations depend on the state. Although discriminated in many parts of the world, in those countries where it’s legal, sex workers have performed their profession just like any other people, taking care of all the legal regulations and taxes. It has been a legitimate way of finding physical pleasure along with some companionship. If you want to try it or you are already a user of these services, you might find it interesting to know some tips on how to find a good brothel for your maximum overall satisfaction.


Make sure you find a place that is completely legal. What’s legal or illegal will sometimes depend on the part of the country where you live since the regulations are not the same for everyone, like we mentioned. In the State of Victoria, the regulations are very strict when it comes to preventing sexual slavery and non-consensual sex. Make sure the place you visit is managed by people who don’t abuse someone else’s work and that the sex is consensual. The whole action should always remain inside the brothel, since advertising sexual services at public places or performing them in the street are considered illegal. A brothel has to be registered, as well as the owner and all the workers, who are supposed to pay taxes and have regular health controls. A good reputation is important. Places that don’t fulfill these requirements are places you wouldn’t want to visit for your safety and health.

Diversity and clarity

A brothel that has various types of sex workers, based on their skills, preferences, tariffs, and physical appearance, is the one whose owner has put an effort to find something for the taste of any client. A place that is well maintained, with good ambiance, neat, and with categories that a client can choose is the right place. You should avoid brothels that are too plain or don’t specify the service, making you bargaining in the end. Everything has to be clear and concise from the beginning. From a warm welcome at the reception, until the end of the service, the experience has to be complete.

Discreteness and accessibility

A brothel needs to be located in a place that is easy to reach but discrete enough to give you privacy. Many people prefer not to be seen entering the brothel which is explained by the stigma that these places still have. Find the best brothels in Melbourne by paying attention to which ones meet these criteria.  Make sure they offer other commodities, like a private parking spot, good connectivity to different neighborhoods, discretion agreement, kind staff in the premises, and reasonable prices. Another bonus that good brothels provide to their customers is an option to sign up for a membership program that can give you priority access, discounts, updates on new workers, food or drink during the service, rear-entrance for extra privacy, and VIP treatment whenever you visit them.


Brothels are not all about physical pleasure, although it is the primary reason for visiting them. Think about an overall experience, pleasant girls who like their job and make you feel unique and desired. A nice drink accompanied with some snacks and a little bit of a casual conversation. For a brief amount of time they can be your companions, without the feeling that you have come to make a financial transaction or something similar. Many men enjoy that full girlfriend experience they can get in a quality brothel. In case you’re in for something less subtle, it is perfectly fine, but it is important to agree on everything before the service starts.

If you are open-minded, a hard worker, and don’t have time to indulge in something more serious when it comes to your sexual life, brothels are a legitimate option for you to experience some fun on Saturday night. We advise you not to be cheap in this case and to invest a generous but still reasonable amount of money for this matter. Find a place that is relatively close to you but discreet enough if you don’t want to be seen. Once you´ve found the right place, you can become a regular client. Never forget the laws because and everything though before the service to avoid any misunderstandings.