Thursday, June 13

The Right Way Of Hitting On A Cam Girl

The idea of cam sex is scarier to those who have never tried it before. Well, if you think about it, sex is scarier, especially when it is with a new person. You can surely drink up some wine before a session to relax your mind, but what works is knowing what’s about to happen.

When you know step by step how camming works, it not only makes you feel comfortable but even boosts your confidence. Usually, cam sex works just like regular sex – teasing, foreplay, sex, and then pillow talks. However, if you haven’t done this before, or the previous one was not a good experience, here are a few tips for you. You can follow the steps given here and turn your next cam session into a mind-blowing one.

Step 1: Find someone you are compatible with

This is extremely important. There are countless cam girls on the internet, and thus there is no shortage of finding someone suitable. Go through a few profiles and find someone compatible with you on more than one level. This will make things easier and more comfortable.

As a beginner, we advise you to stick to safe camming websites like Stripchat. You can find Stripchat review on Dudethrill. It is a perfect place to find trustworthy and secure adult websites. They highlight different features of different adult websites and hence give you a clear idea about what you can expect upon visiting and signing up with a particular website.

Step 2: Start the conversation

Start by asking the most basic questions. Ensure you filter your words wisely and don’t get rude or too personal. Try to express your naughty side in a subtle way and lots of cute (not horny) emoji. Once you feel you are connecting with her, send her a tip and show you are interested in them and appreciate their broadcast.

Step 3: Be a perfect tease

The idea of camming is a tease in itself. Now, if you are wondering why would I work so hard just to see sex on screen and not watch porn instead, remind yourself that camming is more intense and sexier. Be a tease and get her in the mood. Also, if you want to be teased let her know, and she will surely blow your mind with her tricks.

Step 4: Show them what you want to do

To successfully enjoy a cam session, you have to be open about your fantasies and desires. Be confident when you escort yourself, tell her exactly what you would do if she was there with you. Don’t be shy to express the details. However, again keep in mind that you don’t want to sound like a pervert, but a horny lover instead.

Step 5: Invest in some compatible sex toys

Yes, this might get expensive, but it is worth it. Compatible sex toys will allow you and your partner to feel the same sensations. This, especially, works for same-sex couples. Next, you can even ask your cam girl to share her sex toys (the ones which are app operated) and you can tease her the way you want. You can start with the lowest setting and make her beg for more, or simply start with the highest mode and show her how fast and strong you want to stroke her.

Once you are all satisfied, don’t simply leave the chat room without saying goodbye. Remember, any girl, even a cam girl, wouldn’t appreciate this kind of behavior.