Thursday, June 13

Ways on How to Get Better in Bed for Guys

Are you stressed because your sexual performance is not as good as you wish it to be? Do you have good sex, but you wish for a great one instead?

The question of how to get better in bed for guys and how men could last longer and become better in the bedroom is not talked about enough, and it is time to change it.

Lots of men wrongly assume that guys are either naturally “skilled” in bed or not. Nevertheless, that is just a misconception.

Like every other life activity, sexual intercourse is something you could become better at with lots of practice and a bit of research.

The results you wish to get are within your arm’s reach. So how to get better in bed for guys?

Use Your Mouth

No, it’s not what you’re thinking (trust me, we will get there soon). We are talking about making use of words. Communication is the key to very satisfying sex.

Be clear with your lover regarding what you want in bed. Either use body language or discuss it beforehand to lead your significant other to what you feel best. Note, you could not give them a great time if you do not understand what they want or how they want to be satisfied.

Now Really, Use Your Mouth

Or the hands. Or perhaps the torso. Hell, you could even use your feet if that is what makes your partner aroused. The point we are aiming to make is it is crucial to vary your sexual experience. Normal penetrative sex is not popular for providing complete sexual fulfillment to both parties. Research has shown that ladies usually need sexual stimulation to reach orgasm, such as oral sex, so make sure you play around.

Take Sex Out Of The Bedroom

Surveys suggest that lots of people have more sex when having vacation than when they’re at home. Surely, not everybody can experience the luxury of traveling wherever and whenever we wish, particularly with the current social climate. So begin small. Start in your living area. Or even have a shower together.

Do Some Sexy Research Together

Using new ideas in your bed could be pretty intimidating. Do yourself a favor and get your love to accompany you on that mission. Read some erotica. Watch a few porn together. Discuss what is out there and talk about what may appeal to both of you. With that, the two of you could both prevent issues from any awkward refusal.

Occasionally, Try Getting Off Before Sex

If you are concerned about coming too early during sex, try orgasming before that. After ejaculating, guys undergo a refractory moment, a period whereby their bodies recover after orgasm. This will not be the path to go for guys who have difficulty finishing during bed, but chances are, attempting it alone can help someone last a little longer than normal with their partner.

Don’t Forget About Lube

No discussion about sexual additions will be complete without including lube. Now, ladies can lubricate themselves vaginally, but usually, they need more. If you are using toys, try sticking to water-based lube. If you do not involve toys, you are free to broaden your choices to incorporate silicone-based lubricants. Lubes are meant to lessen friction while having sex, which could otherwise lead to some discomfort.

Entertain Different Kinds Of Orgasms

Guys normally overlook this tip. Men tend to focus more on penile orgasms, though it’s crucial to note that other pleasure cores exist and are found inside the bodies. The prostate is known to trigger such strong orgasms it’s been named “the male G-spot.” It could be accessed externally, via the perineum, or internally, through the anus. The more open-minded you are, the more satisfaction you could enjoy.

Try Out Some Toys For Her

Most women need clitoral stimulation to reach their climax. And few want that stimulation to be powerful. Like, machine-level power. Consider buying tiny sex toy-like vibrators, and use them the next time you have sex.

Try Out Some Toys For You

Opposite to common belief, sex toys are not just for the ladies. There are many massagers, strokers, rings, and other toys designed for men. The market has widened to sell accessories intended for couples to enjoy together while having sex. Shop around, and find what you want. You do not need to use it any time you are doing “it,” but it is always good to have it prepared if you feel like mixing things up.