Sunday, December 10

What do you know about Sensual Massage?

As suggested by the name, sensual massage is special from the usual “kneading” and is a lot more intimate. Usually, it is an escort massage London and performed from one person to another as a foreplay part or after a sexual act. Throughout this massage, the masseur can’t just use their hands, but even lips, mouth, and other body parts to arouse the senses of their partner and give happiness. The primary objective of this massage is to accomplish sexual arousal as well as involves massaging the male and female’s erogenous zones but doesn’t contain penetrative sex.

The sensual Massage goes more than the physical touch as well as incorporates a lot of elements for the receiver to enjoy and relax thoroughly. As this type of massaging needs the receiver to completely surrender to his emotions and loosen up, arranging the proper surroundings is very much important. Usually, the giver and the receiver would be nude throughout the massage, thus securing their confidentiality is essential. In case the massage is executed at home, then this is clearly not that must difficult. Still, when performed at a studio, the room must be isolated from any other areas and if feasible soundproof also to provide the needed intimate impression. Candles and dim light are even very suitable as the intense and bright light could prevent the receiver from calming down. In addition, using natural and aromatic oils is generally required as their fresh smell stimulates the senses and assists build a perfect sensual connection.

The sensual massage is even characterized by softer and gentler touch rather than pushing hard on the muscles to relieve tension or pain. Though a proper level of training is always required, partners can understand how to do sensual massage on each other. Throughout the sessions, all parts of the body can be touched, and this massage differs from the usual one as the erogenous zones are pressed as well. These contain the pubis and the breasts for women and the men’s genital area, but other parts of the body can even be caressed and touched. Though orgasm is a possible response and outcome, it is not the primary intention of the sessions – their power depends on the truth that a session can release suppressed feelings and release pure energy and emotions.

If it comes to the used techniques, they can differ from the more known and familiar circle and fan strokes to extending strokes, but as a ruling, some of them are gentler and softer than when doing a regular massage. Certain studios of massage give a four-hand massage service that is executed by two givers, and it is the eventual experience as it confuses the body parts and senses to a level that can’t be achieved by a double-hand massage. The benefits of sensual massage are recognized and at times utilized for treating different sexual conditions as the massage can assist women, men, and couples beat some problems and ultimately lead more fulfilling and better sex life.