Sunday, December 10

Things to Know About Inflatable Sex Toys

If any guy doubts that many individuals use butt plugs, a brief examination of the enormous variety accessible online – or at any of the numerous sex toys emporia around the country – should put that idea to rest. Fortunately, as long as a guy takes proper care of his penis, using sex toys should not be a problem. That frees him up to explore and enjoy the fascinating world of sex toys, including inflatables. For more facts go to

Dolls, anal plugs, dildos, penis rings, and vaginal imitations are likely available in the inflated form.

– Dolls. When the topic of inflatable sex toys comes up, life-size inflatable dolls are usually the first thing that comes to mind. Although there are some male sex dolls, female sex dolls are much more prevalent. These sex toys contain holes at the mouth, anus, and vagina to accommodate a man’s preferred penile penetration.

The use of the dolls is mostly self-explanatory, but there are a few things males should be aware of. For example, have lubrication available since many dolls may be abrasive on the penis skin. After each usage, properly clean the beauty; most dolls come with cleaning instructions. And, if you’re using someone else’s doll, always use a condom in case the owner isn’t careful about thoroughly cleaning up after himself. Also, be warned that many inflatable dolls emit the same “squeaking” sound associated with inflatable pool toys – and such squeaking may make it more difficult for individuals worried about such things to use a doll inconspicuously.

– Anal plugs Inflatable anal plugs have been more popular in recent years. It is put into the anus, like with any other anal plug, to produce stimulation. Once within, a man may manually pump the plug to a greater size. This is particularly good for males with narrow anal apertures. When it comes time to remove the plug, deflate it. Many men claim that inflatable anal plugs are very effective at causing orgasmic prostate stimulation.

– Dildos The dildo is put into the anus (or, for women, the vagina) and inflated to a greater size, similar to inflatable anal plugs; but, if desired, the dildo may also be inflated before insertion.

– Penis rings Inflatable penis rings, like anal plugs, are placed in place (around the base of the penis) before inflating. The inflation creates a tighter fit, resulting in a harder erection. However, some medical specialists warn against making the fit too tight or wearing it for too long, so use it with caution.

– Vaginal impersonations. Similarly, an erect penis may be put into a vaginal replica and then inflated, resulting in a significantly tighter fit. Men, as again, should be wary about producing a too close fit.

Although many men find this humiliating, it is prudent to discuss the usage of inflatable sex toys with one’s doctor before using them.