Sunday, December 10

My Girlfriend’s Mom

Let me just get one thing straight, I just wanted to be clear that I’ve never been big into the whole milf thing. The whole idea of mom I’d love to fuck is really just funny to me. In fact, it’s bordering on cheesy.

What I thought about the whole thing was it was just an excuse for dorky insecure guys who have no game with women to make up all sorts of fantasies regarding older women. They basically fantasize older women who turn them into fetishes because they think that an older woman would automatically jump on their cocks.

They have this mistaken assumption that older women are basically damaged goods who would be lucky for a younger guy to want them. That’s always been my analysis of the whole milf thing. Little did I know that I would also have experienced it first hand, but not in the way that I thought.

My girlfriend, Stacy, well my ex-girlfriend, Stacy, has always been a book nerd. She has always been mom’s perfect little girl. They migrated to Michigan from Lebanon and she has always been this straight laced, by the book, immigrant Christian Arab girl who just did everything by the book.

She joined the right extra curricular activities in school, ran around with the right circles. It seemed that she was in a hurry to get places in life. Just by looking at her, you would not suspect that there was a burning, if not raging freak underneath. By freak, of course, I mean sex freak.

It really blew my mind that when I was helping her walk home from the library carrying some books for her, you know, doing the typical high school puppy love bullshit, that she turned around and told me that she wanted to invite me to her place. That really blew my mind because I’ve always fantasized about banging her.

This was, of course, our senior year. Both of us were 18 years old. And it never really struck me that it would play out that way. It wasn’t like the way I imagined it to be. I thought it would be something more like some sort of porno script.

You really can’t fault me for thinking this way because I was just like the typical high school who was very clueless regarding the world. So anyway, she invited me to her place and that’s where I first met her mom. Her mom, Haditia, was a very stunning Mediterranean beauty.

I mean, you couldn’t tell they were mom and daughter. I would say just by eyeballing her mom and her that the age gap is at most 10 years. Seriously, 10 years tops, that’s it. And even that’s stretching it. That’s how young her mom looked and she didn’t really give me the time of day. I was just like the typical midwestern corn bread white boy to her and she didn’t really give a rat’s ass.

I didn’t really feel that mythical middle eastern welcome at their home so I kind of brushed it off and I just went on and ended up banging her daughter. So that was that. So Stacy went away to college, to a prestigious Ivy League school and I got stuck working at a pizza shop in a community college as I stayed back home. And for some reason, during her first semester away at Brown, she thought of me, or at least that’s what Haditia told me.

She thought of me and she sent me a gift. Well, she sent the gift to her mom to give to me. So her mom called me, apparently Stacy gave her my number, and she said to come by and pick up my package. So I go in there to their place, which is basically a very palatial estate high up in the hills, and I was surprised because the BMW and the Ferrari that’s normally parked there were gone.

Apparently, Stacy’s parents broke up 6 months back. So bummer. It did seem a little bit different. The atmosphere seemed a little bit down. So anyway, I show up and Haditia was there telling me that she has a package that I should come in. She gave me a cold glass of lemonade.

This really floored me because I never got this warmth before from this milf. I mean, she has always given me the cold shoulder. She was wearing this very revealing shirt. She just had a big shirt on and obviously she was not wearing a bra and the way she stooped over to pick up some paper over there.

I was just floored by the size of those melons. Man, those things were huge. So, one thing led to the other and I ended up banging her. I mean, it was just really intense because older women who are divorced and who have kids in college don’t give a fuck. That’s one thing I learned first hand.

They don’t give a damn about what you think about them, they don’t give a damn about what the neighbors think. Maybe it has something to do with divorce, maybe it has something to do with that particular stage in her life, but she fucking rode that cock like her life depended on it.

I mean, she was just fucking intense. We’re talking like riding me like a cowgirl. Whether it’s frontwards or backwards, whether it’s doggy style or what not, I mean, she wouldn’t quit and she was telling me to fucking keep plowing her hard,

I mean, it really blew my mind that a woman that size, she was very petite but with huge tits, can pack so much energy and I was basically half her age and I was fucking conked out, man. I was wiped out. All my energy was fucking gone, along with my semen.

And while Stacy and I remain broken up, we still are friends to this day, and I still get to fuck her mom from time to time. She never remarried and, apparently, she prefers it that way because it appears that I’m not the only young guy she’s banging. I suspect there’s a very happy pizza delivery guy in that particular district of our city.