Thursday, June 13

The last hoorah: elements of the ultimate bucks night package in 2023

Your mate’s tying the knot and you’re probably pretty stoked for him. Sure, he’s prepping himself for a new, super exciting stage of existence, and that’s great, but let’s be honest: you’re really just getting pumped for the parties to come!

From the awesome bucks night package to the wedding reception and all the fun and frivolity in between, it’s not your wedding, so you can afford to let your hair down!

What’s more, your mate has charged you with taking care of the bucks night itself, so you’ve gotta get to work designing the biggest party of the year.

Here are some tips to ensure it’s a ripper of a day:

  • Throw in some activities

Sure, we know this is the night where the boys let loose for an evening of lurid, boozy indulgence, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have some child-like fun before the onset of adult entertainment!

After all, you can’t just spend the whole day ogling at buxom ladies showing off their bods, and there is plenty of fun to be had around town before getting into the adult entertainment portion of the evening.

Think everything from go-karting to axe-throwing, brewery/distillery experiences, paintballing, whatever! The trick here is to think about what kind of fun you, the groom and your mates would love to have for an awesome bonding experience before the onset of serious partying.

So, take some time to confer with the fellas and decide what kind of super fun activity you would like to enjoy to kick start a day of (not so) wholesome fun with the fellas!

  • Get out on the water

Sydney is a stunning water city and one that has plenty of options to take in the delight that is our most glorious harbour and surrounding beaches. And so why not hire your very own charter cruise for the afternoon, taking in the sun and sights as you drink the fridge and revel in the merriment of what is an exciting time in your mate’s life (and your life, too!). What’s more, Sydney is a town perpetually blessed with wonderful weather, and so the chances of picking the perfect day to party are always high! You can always add appendages onto these cruises, including everything from BYO esky to topless babes and anything else your seafaring selves can desire!

  • A strip club bucks night package

Sydney is a city that is happily blessed with some of the Southern Hemisphere’s (if not the world’s!) swankiest adult entertainment locations. With a city full of voluptuous babes ready to tease and tantalise the party in the most jaw dropping of manners, you can be sure a bucks night package at one of these legendary institutions of naughtiness will be the perfect dessert for what is sure to be a feast of a festa!

With different options and customisation available, you, the groom and the crew are sure to enjoy a fun and frivolous evening of cheeky, harmless fun, providing you all the opportunity to have one last, fabulous send off before the groom goes and gets hitched.

So, be sure to incorporate some of these elements into your big send off – they are sure to invigorate the festivities and create a vibe of unbridled fun that even your more reserved of mates will get around once the party gets started!