Thursday, June 13

5 Simple Ways to Make Sex More Romantic

Have you ever watched a movie and wondered if it’s even possible to have mind-blowing sex? Or perhaps you used to have a passionate love life, but things fizzled out with your partner. The good news is that anyone can have the sex of their dreams, but it does take trying to bring more romance to your relationship. These simple tips are easy enough that you can start using them right away to deepen your connection and start loving your sex life again.

Redefine Your View of Perfect Sex

Most people can agree that sex isn’t always perfect. Sometimes, one or both of you might not orgasm, or you may get interrupted by a knock on the door. The one thing that you can hopefully agree on is that an ideal sexual relationship should leave you satisfied and feeling closer to each other than ever before. Redefining your view of sex may require thinking about how your background influences your beliefs or spending some alone time with a personal massager learning about what makes you climax. Doing some self-exploration gives you insight that you can share with your partner.

Build Anticipation with a Personal Connection

Those flirty looks, brief touches as you pass in the hallway and sexy texts all add up to heightened hormones that send your bodies into action when you get a moment alone. Try to scatter little flirtations into your daily ritual and find a few special things that you can do with your partner. Having a shared hobby that you enjoy or visiting new places together primes your body for closeness that you’ll feel in the bedroom.

Set the Mood for Romance

By now, everyone knows all about dimming the lights and lighting the candles. This classic romantic scene works for a while, but you might need to do something different eventually. Setting the mood for romance could mean turning off the television and letting your passion run free in the living room, but it could also mean wearing a sexy dress or new piece of lingerie. Making sure that the scene appeals to you and your partner’s senses helps you feel more romantic.

Communicate and Learn About What Works

You might not want to shout out questions while you are right in the middle of the action, but finding out more about what your partner likes helps you to make things better each time. When you have a private moment, ask your partner what touches, words or sounds made them feel the best. Then, share your thoughts about your most recent encounter. Soon, you’ll both have a love map of instant erogenous zones or adult toys to explore and things to say that make the other person look forward to getting naked.

Be Open to New Adventures

Romantic sex shouldn’t be serious. Instead, you want to loosen up and consider the option of trying new things that bring you closer together. If you and your partner are on the shy side, then start simple with a new adventure or sexy outfit. Then, work your way up to bringing in new sexual strategies. From body paint to sex furniture and vibrators for couples, there are many new things that you can bring into the bedroom. As you do, keep an open mind and remember that even if something doesn’t work, trying it out brought you closer together and helped you learn more about each other’s preferences for pleasure.

Making sex more romantic is a learning process. Be willing to experiment and communicate with your partner about what works for you and what they love the most. Once you’ve created a love map of what brings on the romance, make sure to check in regularly. Sexual relationships are constantly evolving. If one of you gets bored or starts to feel a lack of connection, then try something new. You just might discover even more fun ways to show each other your love.