Tuesday, April 16

4 Quick Ways to Freshen up Your Relationship

When it comes to relationships, we all want it to be as easy as – they lived happily ever after. In Disney movies, this is where the story ends. In reality, when two persons merge into a relationship, they go through a number of seasons. At some point, one season can be critical to the survival of the relationship. That’s exactly when you need to focus on ways to freshen up your relationship.

Understand all seasons of a relationship

If you feel like your partner is disconnected and distant, it’s time to bridge that gap. Couples do fall into a rut, as each phase of the relationship lasts only for so long. The happily ever after is an illusion, because if you want to last, you need to go through many seasons of your love. The initial phase is a well-known and talked about phase – the honeymoon phase.

It’s sweet and exciting, everything is cute and lovely and it lasts from six to up to two years. It is followed by a stage that lasts for a year at the minimum or 5 years at the longest. This is when attachment forms, and you can finally step away from that euphoric feeling caused by your partner. Now, you’re more at peace.

This is then followed by a crisis stage which can make or break you. It’s that seven-year itch when many couples fail to reconcile their differences. The last season is the deep attachment season. You’ve gone through it all and your bond goes deep. This stage takes place after seven years of a relationship.

Skip the small talk and go deep

If you find yourself just stepping out of a honeymoon phase, and stepping into the attachment phase, you will be faced with a number of challenges. When things are no longer that exciting, things can feel like boredom. Or if you’re nearing that seven-year itch, it’s time to skip the small talk and go deep. Whether you’ll just talk openly about your relationship needs, sign up for couples therapy, or use some intimacy card games, these all require you to communicate. Don’t expect someone to understand your needs by simply looking at you. Speak it out, but do it in a kind way, when you feel comfortable and open to receiving other persons’ messages.

Share your fantasies

During one of these deep discussions, whether alone or with a therapist, a number of questions will emerge. One of those is the level of satisfaction with your sex life. Are you satisfied with the quality of your intimate life? Or, do you need to bring some fresh energy into your erotic life? Does it even exist or has it fizzled out?

These questions are here to guide you to open the discussion about your sex life and change things up by inviting fantasies into your bedroom. Each one of you should be free to share your fantasy and together you can find a way to turn a fantasy into a reality. If a guy wants a girlfriend experience, a woman can choose a girl for him at the most popular brothels Sydney is known for or any other city around the world. If sex toys are her fantasy, they can bring some toys for novices into the bedroom and start exploring each other’s pleasure.

Spend time away from each other

People in long relationships dread spending time away from each other because they fear it might put their relationship in danger. We’re not talking about taking a break from each other. On the contrary, we’re talking about distancing yourself from your typical couples routines which make you feel bored with your relationship.

That’s why each one of you can take a solo trip and come back with new experiences worth telling. Do the work on yourself to be curious about the other person again. Build your inner worlds, so you’ll have a lot to share with one another when you come together again. Me-time is equally important as quality time together. So, think about that, especially if you refer to yourself as we, not as I want, I like.

These four ways are quick, sharp and straight to the point. But, it’s up to you to be present in your relationship and make the effort to revive the love you have for each other and go through all the seasons of the relationship with love and effort.