Thursday, June 13

What flowers mean for each relationship

Relationships with our parents, friends, siblings, in-laws, partners, and teachers, make us what we are. Each person in our life is our backbone and support system every once in a while. There are things we can share with our friends only, and there is something we hide from our parents but discuss with our teachers. It is because of this that we claim each relationship is different, precious, and is meant to be treated in its own way. Today we are talking about getting these exclusive relations in your life with flowers and gifts that symbolise what they mean to you.

  • Roses for your love

The love of your life, what we call the other half is one such relationship that sees no bounds but requires a consistent expression of love once in a while. You can gift her a bunch of roses with a customised present. A gift so personalised and connecting will touch her heart and is what we are aiming for here. It’s crucial that she knows you did it out of sheer love without an occasion because that’s how special she is to you.

  • Succulent plants for teachers

Succulent plants are one with thick sap-filled leaves and resonate with what stands our teachers mean in our life as well. Our teachers stand with us through thick and thin. They are the thick sap that does not let us fall. They fight with us, our intellectual and psychological battles. They deserve nothing less than the best from their students. Their wholesome and selfless devotion is forever to be accounted for.

  • Lilies for Mumma

As pure as our relationship with our mothers is, lilies symbolise it in unapologetic ways. White is the colour of calm and pureness as is a mothers heart. Along with this gift her a beauty kit hamper, a customised mug, a bracelet, or a pair of earrings. For everything, mothers do for us every day even when least is in their hands. Most of what we can do is appreciate it because we will never be able to give it back.

  • Palm for papa

How leafy and gigantic is a palm yet so subtle and quiet in its ways. All it does is give you everything he has and ask for nothing in return. It is what our fathers do for us too. The day we take birth, so does fatherhood, it is the one thing that takes not more than one look in the eye to engage in. They become fathers in a blink of a moment. We may take time to learn to be good kids; fathers are the best versions of themselves from the first breath.

  • Yellow roses for siblings

Siblings are our soul brothers and sisters; they are a better part of us and will forever be. The mischief that goes down every time we do something surely not liked by our parents is all because of our brothers and sisters. But of course, the support and push that they give are irreplaceable. It is not to be said aloud siblings are the best; it is to be shown siblings are the best.

Let the gifting begin.