Sunday, December 10

Ways to Maximise Sexual Stimulation

Sex is simply one of life’s greatest pleasures, and perhaps also one of nature’s greatest gifts to humanity. For some, however, even when they’re in a steady relationship and having sex regularly, their sex life can be somewhat disappointing. It’s not that the sex is bad, and it’s not that they’re not glad to get it, but none of that means one shouldn’t hope for maximum pleasure and stimulation, does it?

If you feel your own sex life is lacking somewhat, then see our guide below to maximising sexual pleasure:

  1. Sex Toys

Various sex toys such as dildos can help you reach new realms of pleasure and satisfaction. Far from being simple replacements for the male member, these devices are intricately designed and constructed to penetrate and stimulate at just the right angles and points to offer a greatly heightened sense of pleasure. This includes both men and women, of course, and that also means heterosexual men, believe it or not.

The best thing about buying sex toys in 2022 is that you don’t have to face the prospect of going to a local sex shop to browse and potentially be seen by people you know. You can shop for everything you want and need from the anonymous safety of home!

  1. Foreplay, Foreplay, and More Foreplay

For couples who are feeling that their sex is lacking in deep erotic stimulation, the key inevitably lies in the the quantity and quality of foreplay in their typical sexual routine. When couples get very comfortable with one another, and have been together a long time, it’s easy for foreplay to slowly evaporate from sex as the two find sufficient stimulation in “getting straight to it.”

But this truly is one of romance’s great tragedies and should be avoided. Couples with a strong sexual chemistry and fulfilled sex life know all too well that foreplay is more than just a couple of moments before the main event, but an entire act unto itself. Try erotic kissing, caressing, and massaging. Alternatively, you can take a bath or shower together, or engage in dirty talk, perhaps even watch some porn together to get everyone’s motor running.

  1. Work on Your Partner’s Needs

Has the term “selfish lover” ever been levelled at you by your partner? If so, did you wonder why? Most likely it’s because you haven’t been paying enough attention to their sexual needs, focusing entirely on getting yourself off while leaving them high and dry.

Something worth knowing here is that when you turn your focus to what your partner really needs, there are tremendous and sexually exciting rewards to be had for yourself. An important fact of sexual life here is that when you work to make things great for your partner, the effect has a funny way of rebounding back to you, making everything more fun. Talk to your other half about what they need and what you can do to make things better. You won’t regret it.

  1. Boost Your Physical Fitness

Being in better shape and maintaining a better level of physical fitness will quickly spill over into your sex life. Being in better shape makes you more desirable, not to mention more able to maintain your stamina. The extra stamina translates into whatever divine feeling you have being extended into a more lasting one. Isn’t that something that everyone wants from sex?

  1. Let Loose and Experiment

Finally, always be ready to freshen up your usual sexual routine by being willing to experiment with new techniques, sex toys, different environments, different positions, and more. Sometimes just the addition of one novel element can be enough to raise excitement level beyond anywhere you had previously thought it could get to!