Thursday, June 13

Tips for women looking for their sugar daddy!

What is a sugar daddy, how does the relationship work and is a sugar baby  the same as an escort?

Have you all heard of cougar women? Or sites specializing in dating curvy women? Well now all those “niche” sites are already out of date! Make way for Sugar Daddies (literally “cake daddies”), the new fashion coming straight from the United States!

If you are a woman, here are some tips for successfully finding your sugar daddy!

To become a millionaire, you must either work hard for many years or seduce a millionaire man and marry him!

Does this idea seem ridiculous to you? So, to begin with, know that there are more and more millionaires in the world!

Instead, try to envision the life you might have to marry a rich man:

  • Do you like shoes, handbags, designer clothes, jewellery?
  • Have you always wanted to visit Monaco, Ibiza, and Miami, and many other exotic places?
  • In short, to give your destiny a boost and put the odds in your favor, you can follow several avenues:
  • To begin with, find a good job at that will allow you to hang out with wealthy men; marrying your boss is a good start!
  • Look for men of a certain age (or even on the side of Seniors) who are at the top of their professional life…
  • Also try to move as close as possible to upscale neighborhoods
  • Finally, go out in bars and in trendy clubs frequented by a wealthy clientele Etc.


Calmness at dinner is crucial, but that shouldn’t stop you from having fun. In fact, having fun should be high on your list. Have conversations in a light and fun environment. Don’t discuss issues that fall into the serious category on the first date with your sugar daddy.

As much as an SD enjoys having intellectual conversations with women, you should save topics like politics for another time. Keeping the nature of the conversation light and fun will ultimately allow you both to have fun and connect better. If you have any doubts, you can read the article here: What you shouldn’t say on your first date.