Thursday, June 13

There is no legal ban on prostitution in India

When a woman establishes sexual relations with a man who is not her husband or a man from a woman who is not his wife and receives money or any other kind of goods or services in return, then it is normal is considered to be prostitution. In this way prostitution is called prostitution. Prostitution is also called Escort Service.

In modern society prostitutes are divided into several categories on various grounds. In the present era, from the commercial point of view, there are often three types of prostitutes

  1. Prostitutes who sell bodies at organized bases and are controlled by the owners of the base.
  2. Those prostitutes who run their business independently.
  3. Women who are not completely prostitutes but in family life, adopt this business secretly for financial gain.

It is believed that prostitution is the oldest profession. It may or may not be the oldest occupation, but it is found in all societies of the world.

In a society like India, where sexual aspiration of women is associated with high standards and standards, she is not given freedom over sexual desire and her right to desire is given to her husband. In Indian society, prostitution is seen as an act contrary to culture. Yet prostitution is an integral part of society. In general, a part of every city is known as a prostitute or red light area. It is known as a social problem due to prostitution being considered a social stigma. Mumbai escorts provide you the best service.

The Constitution of India grants every person the right to a dignified life. But sex workers involved in prostitution do not have a dignified life. In this way, they are citizens of the country who do not have the right to equality. In India, prostitutes are not protected under normal labor laws, but efforts are made to protect and rehabilitate them.

Poverty is considered the most prominent cause of prostitution in India. Most of the women who adopt this profession are helpless. They are also generally illiterate and do not have the specific skills of any work. Unfortunately, if such women encounter brokers, then their chances of coming into this profession increase. Many parents, fed up with poverty, sell their daughters. He also believes that his daughter’s life will be better in prostitution rather than home. Many women and girls are also pushed into this profession by their relatives, husbands and male-friends. Many people agree women to come in Navi Mumbai Escorts by giving them the pretext of marriage or job. Many times girls from neighboring countries are included in this profession by purchasing them for very little money. This is also seen that girls begging on the side of the road are also taken to the Mumbai Escorts Service. The condition of these women and girls is similar to that of the closed prisoners.

When a single woman is privately related to the man by his will. In lieu of this, if the woman is favored by the man financially and if the woman lives only with this money, then it would be considered prostitution by definition, but by law such prostitution is not a crime in itself. But the police can also take action in such a case when it is alleged that the soliciting offer and its publicity.