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The Art Of Maintaining Sex Dolls In a Hygienic Way

Sex dolls are becoming quite popular to help people fulfil sexual desires and deal with loneliness. If you invest in a good-quality silicone sex doll, you will be able to use it for a long time. But you need to take good care of your sex doll to keep it in good condition even after years of use. You will have to focus on top-class maintenance to keep the quality of your sex doll the same as before. Consider this to be your guide regarding cleaning and maintaining your sex doll and keeping it in good condition.

Why Do You Need To Clean Your Sex Doll?

Cleaning your sex doll is a basic hygiene parameter to avoid infections. While using your sex doll, there’s always a chance of fluid transmission. While engaging in sexual activities, you are likely to sweat a lot. Even kissing your sex doll leaves a lot of saliva on them, which can be problematic for you.

  • If you decide to finish inside your sex doll, you have an even stronger reason to clean it. You should wear a condom if you plan on finishing inside your sex doll. It will ensure that the mess created is less. As a result, the process of cleaning your sex doll will also become a lot easier.
  • Cleaning your sex doll is essential for keeping bacteria and other germs at bay. You will not want to develop an infection after having a night of sensual adventures. It will also help in preventing your sex doll from getting ruined.
  • People often wonder how often it’s necessary to clean their sex doll. You should clean your sex doll for men after every use. If you are using your sex doll for a long time after keeping its store, you should clean it before using it. You should also clean your sex doll before using it for the first time to get rid of factory residue.

Sometimes it might happen that you haven’t used your sex doll for a long time. But even if you are not using it, take it out once a month and inspect it. It will help you detect moisture issues or any other issues that might become a hindrance when you try to use it the next time.

Products Required To Clean Your Sex Doll

Before cleaning a sex doll, one needs to remember that it helps in removing bacteria. But a sex doll comes in contact with the most intimate and sensitive parts of your body. Therefore, using harsh chemicals on the sex doll can lead to rashes on your skin. It can also inflict damage upon the delicate skin of your sex doll.

Some effective commercial products are available to help with the cleaning of sex dolls. The products are safe for the human body as well as the material used to make sex dolls. An antibacterial spray should be purchased by everyone who has a sex doll. An aloe vera spray is not harmful, or silicone, TPE or other common materials used to manufacture sex dolls.

A foaming cleaner can also be used to clean the sex dolls more intensely. A refresh powder is another product that needs to be used for the maintenance of a sex doll. It will ensure that the sex doll can be prevented from cracking. The skin of the sex dolls is made as real as possible. A refresh powder can help prevent the skin of the sex dolls from becoming dry.

Some of the other products required for cleaning and maintaining your sex doll are as follows:

  • Comb (often provided with the sex doll)
  • Mild liquid soap or any soap that does not contain sulphate
  • Soft cloth-like a microfibre towel or sponge
  • Baby powder
  • Powder brush
  • Makeup remover without oil

Things To Avoid While Cleaning Your Sex Doll

  • Do not put the head of a sex doll in water. Even if it’s a silicone sex doll, don’t put the head in the water. It will remove the makeup on the face.
  • Do not use harsh soaps or chemicals on the sex doll to avoid damage.
  • Do not put too much pressure on the skeleton of your sex doll while cleaning your maintaining it.
  • Do not apply a hairdryer or other heating appliances on the sex doll to prevent the skin of your sex doll from getting ruined.
  • Do not spray perfume on the skin of the sex dolls, as alcohol can cause the skin to become dry. You can spray perfume on the clothes or wigs. Another trick is to add some cinnamon to the powder you are applying on your sex doll.

Wrapping Up

Proper maintenance and cleaning is the only way to ensure the durability of your sex doll. Let your sex doll be your long-term companion by taking proper care of it.