Thursday, June 13

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At that time I was still very scared of everything. I was nineteen years old and after my apprenticeship I started working in a bakery and I was afraid of everything there. The bakery was mostly older women and just a few young moms who each already had a man. And Eliska worked the morning shift there. A beautiful girl with show heels, painted like Barbie, just a blonde with long legs. I didn’t even understand why she was working in a bakery when she could be a secretary to a business owner and earn twice as much.

I didn’t talk much to Elishka, when she came in for her shift we greeted each other with the word: “Hello Elishka”. And when the shift was over, we’d say goodbye with “bye”. I’ve often imagined what it must be like to make love to such a beautiful, long-breasted girl.

Every day after work I would go back to my empty apartment, I had a 3+1 on the top floor overlooking the whole city. I had a big bed in the apartment, a big TV hanging opposite, a desk with a personal computer next to it, a big fridge in the kitchen and that was enough to live on.

Every week I had different shifts in the bakery, alternating between morning, afternoon and night shifts. I saw Eliška quite often and sometimes we worked shifts together, so the work went much better. This week I didn’t see Eliška at all and the shifts went much slower.

On Wednesday, I came home from the afternoon shift and headed straight to my computer. I got tired of the long sex videos from Xvideos, switched to the Firefox browser and started looking for some other adult sites on the list. I wanted to talk to someone online tonight. I clicked on the first erotic site LIVE SEX WEBCAMS and started to get quite into it. I signed up for free and received my first erotic membership on the site. It turned me on that there were maybe a thousand pretty girls on this erotic chat room, wanting to write and at the same time showing their big tits and jerking off their pussy on the webcams.

I came several times in the evening, once it was with a beautiful busty black girl, the second time with a perky Asian and when I squirted for the third time I chose a titty milf from Germany.

The other days were the same. Afternoon work and in the evening EROTIC CHAT and hour long masturbation with girls from live chats.

Friday night I didn’t have to work anymore and was looking forward to masturbate with some of the beauties from live webcams again. It was 11pm and I went into the “young girls” category, you couldn’t cut the blood in me. Eliska from our bakery appeared on my monitor. She was wearing a see-through bra and white panties and she was texting someone. There were maybe 300 people in the chat room from all over the world, and people were sending Eliska tips, one after another. I just watched for a while and then said hello in Czech.

Nothing happened, but after about three minutes, Eliska wrote back: ‘Hi, how are you and where are you from? I don’t have time to write back to everyone and if you want you can come to PRIVATE SEX CHAT.