Thursday, July 18

How to Make Meaningful Connections in the Bedroom with New Partners

Have you met a new romantic prospect and want to ensure you two bond in the bathroom?
That’s exciting and fun, so enjoy yourself and take things at your natural pace. When you both want to take the next step in intimacy, go about it to create a deeper physical and emotional attachment between you and your partner.

Why a Meaningful Connection Matters So Much

At the beginning of the relationship, you probably feel a mixture of excitement and anxiety. The anxiety derives from past relationship trauma and a fear of the unknown since you still don’t know your new beau for very long. While normal, you want to get past this when things start to get intimate.

Creating a true, intimate bond will make you both excited about continuing the relationship on a sturdy foundation and speed things up a bit. A meaningful bond will also lead to better sex since you will feel more comfortable with your partner.

Signs of a Meaningful Connection With Your Partner

Learn to recognize a true bond when you see it so that you can recognize it in your relationship.

Many people assume that intimacy refers to “making love” and involves slow, gentle coitus. However, that’s not necessarily the case. a meaningful connection with your partner in bed means you feel comfortable in your body and your fantasies. You can talk about anything openly and can laugh when things get weird. You also have an intense amount of chemistry.

True intimacy extends out of the bedroom and into the daily interactions you have. You feel comfortable and open with your partner and look to them as someone you can reach out to when you want to talk. Of course, a meaningful connection works both ways.

You should not mistake your feelings for your partner for mutual feelings. Look at your partner’s actions objectively to determine if they show the same honesty, openness, and comfort with you. You also should not mistake online relationships or mentorships for meaningful connections, either.

How to Facilitate a Meaningful Connection

So, you want to create a true bond with your new flame. How do you do that? Try these simple tips to facilitate a meaningful connection.

1. Manage Expectations

Don’t assume you will experience a vision of heaven and fireworks after sex with your new paramour. You also probably won’t experience an earth-shattering emotional rush when you look into his eyes immediately after. These things only happen in movies and romance novels, and they lead to unreasonable expectations.

Be realistic and create fantasies that may actually happen. Don’t expect a storybook romance that doesn’t exist. If you do, you will feel disappointed by nothing he did wrong and shut down the ability to connect.

2. Discover Your Own Body

You need to know your own body in order to show your partner what you like. Take some time one night to slip into silky lingerie and light some candles just for you. During this alone time, play with yourself a little bit. While you touch yourself, take special note of what you like the most.

Women’s Health tells us a shockingly low 21.5% of women 25 – 29, in the eight of their sexual prime, masturbate multiple times a month. Don’t fight your natural urges. Instead, learn your body to better communicate your preferences to your partner.

3. Talk About Sex

Before you jump into bed, you should have a talk about sex, including birth control, preferences, hard limits, and basic sexual history (don’t pry!). Keep the conversation light-hearted but get to the main points. Don’t hesitate to talk directly instead of beating around the bush and increasing the discomfort levels.

This awkward conversation will alleviate awkwardness later when he doesn’t know what birth control method you use or actions you absolutely do not enjoy.

Continue to communicate while in bed together, especially about what feels good. Not only will it turn your guy on to hear you moan and say what you like, but you will teach him how to best pleasure you, increasing the frequency and intensity of your orgasms.

4. Have Fun

Make sex fun by not holding back your smile or humorous thoughts in the heat of the moment. Laugh and try to relieve your tension. Consider hiring escorts in Liverpool to help spice up the bedroom. This light-hearted attitude toward sex can lead to increased comfort between you and your lover.

To ensure you both have fun, don’t take things to seriously. Laugh at awkward moments and make jokes. You can increase the fun level by experimenting with toys, outfits, and sexual experiences.

5. Create an Inviting Environment

It will be easier for you to create a meaningful connection in a comfortable environment. When getting ready for the night, use your senses to make things as pleasant as possible.

Make your room smell good with fresh air and candles. Make the bed feel good with soft sheets. Generate pleasant sounds with light background music and speaking in a breathy whisper. Create pleasant tastes by providing a yummy glass of champagne or strawberries. Finally, make yourself look good by grooming extensively and wearing something attractive, complete with makeup and heels.

6. Stay Loyal

Did you and your partner clarify that you are in an exclusive sexual relationship? You should not move forward until you do that. If clear, make sure to stick to your promise.

If you want to establish a powerful union, you cannot give your partner a reason to doubt you. Decide to stay loyal and stick with that without mistake.

We encounter people we have superficial ties with multiple times every single day, so you should make a point to develop something deeper with your lover. Set yourself up for success and let it happen naturally. Just remain loyal while you continue to develop your bond.