Wednesday, March 29

How to Enjoy Sex After 50

Sex, that pleasurable activity that is also great for health. A unique way to connect with the partner of many years… As well as reducing stress, activating blood circulation and even preventing coronary heart diseases.

It’s not news that having a sexually active life has many benefits. But it is also a fact that over the years the way and intensity of doing it changes. 

That’s why Skokka, together with the hottest escorts in the UK, will shed light on the topic that is on many people’s minds: how to continue enjoying sex in old age? What are the changes in body and behaviour? There are still many taboos when it comes to sex after 50.

Does age affect sex life?

It is undeniable that menopause causes organic changes, as the ovaries eventually stop producing oestrogen and progesterone. What many do not realize is that women lose their reproductive capacity, not their sexual capacity.

Although women’s sex drive diminishes, this may be partially true. After all, it is precisely because of this hormonal dysfunction that symptoms such as vaginal dryness and fatigue can occur, contributing to a woman’s lack of desire. However, there are already many remedies, lubricant gels and hormone therapies that mitigate the effects of menopause on the female body.

For men, although penis size is an important factor in sexual life throughout life, the quality of erection (which begins to decrease after the age of 45) may be even more relevant. The subject remains an absolute taboo, even leading some to avoid or postpone a medical consultation to talk about it, as they consider it to represent a personal weakness. 

Perhaps this is why, unfortunately, there is still a high rate of men affected by prostate cancer, precisely because of this fear of undergoing a prostate exam and, therefore, of being considered “less of a man”, weak or “gay”.

For those who suffer from low libido or erection problems, consulting a gynecologist, urologist or sexologist can be very useful, as they will indicate ways to approach and treat the conditions.

What can be done to maintain an active sex life?

Exploring the relationship

Many studies show a reduction in sexual interest among couples who have been together for a long time, whether young or old. And the answer is simple, it could be routine. Having the same person around for a long time can make them less willing to innovate, to go out, to groom themselves, which consequently leads to a decrease in libido in the couple. Break this vicious circle whenever possible. Even if it means hiring a sex expert like the gorgeous escorts in Brisbane.

Good diet and exercise

There is no secret, a healthy diet reduces the risk of diseases and slows down aging. Combined with exercise, they are solid tools for aging well. Pay special attention to flexibility exercises, such as yoga and pilates, as they are very relaxing and help maintain body movements and, consequently, sexual performance.

Check testosterone levels

Having regular tests to identify any androgen deficiency, seeing if there is anything wrong with the hormone levels can even prevent the worsening of more serious pathologies.

Talk to the doctor and consider taking medication

It is neither a problem nor a weakness to use the available medications or therapies, recommended by the doctor, to regain full satisfaction. However, never resort to self-medication as some medications can have adverse side effects.

Beware of certain medicines

Following on from the previous point, caution should be taken with certain medications, such as anxiolytics and antidepressants, as they can directly affect sexual desire.

Consider therapy

Seeking professional help to deal with all the changes and challenges that come with age is an excellent option, including considering couples therapy, which aims to help both partners adapt to the new stage of married life.

Make time for sex

Change some habits – if feeling tired in the evening, instead of going home and having dinner, why not try making love first and dinner later? Or make love in the morning when you wake up. It’s important to understand that this is key to a couple’s happiness, so it needs to be on the schedule.

While it is true that testosterone levels decrease as one ages, this should not mean the end of sex after 50. As life expectancy increases, people are also looking to reach old age with quality of life. 

This includes not only a good body condition, but also the ability to maintain an active and pleasurable sex life. It is therefore very important to focus on doing everything in your power to make this happen, from hiring online services of sexy escorts in Limerick, going to therapy or just taking some time off.