Thursday, June 13

Are You Interested in Safe Video Chat? Follow these Tips

Many of you must be bored during the lockdown period as you remain quarantined in your home and like to chat with people, particularly with the opposite sex.  Quite a few must be interested to get into the intimate sex chat and also may like a virtual sex experience without breaking the lockdown rules. 

A free online video chat facility offered by many sites can be at your rescue and you can also have a safe video chat with almost anyone from the world. Many singles all over the world pass their time with such chatting and refresh their mood.

The following are a few safety tips for engaging in such activities online.

  • Use very strong passwords

Prefer a very strong password so that no attackers can have access to your account.

  • Keep your phone/ computer updated

Keep all your antivirus software updated to protect against any cyber-attack.

  • Set up your anonymous account

You may need your email account to register, however, prefer to use an anonymous email account.

  • Choose any encrypted platform

Use an encrypted platform for video chat to have better protection of your device.

  • Check privacy settings

Don’t go for a default setting rather you do privacy setting as per your own security needs.

  • Set your expectation from your partner

While video chatting you must explicitly discuss your expectations to start with.

  • Prefer your phone instead of the computer

Generally, phones are better protected against threats rather than your computers and hence use your phone.

  • Avoid showing your real identity

Make sure nobody will blackmail you later, so as far as possible avoid showing your real identity in any manner.  

You can easily set up your adult chat rooms for a video chat session by simply enabling your webcam and getting connected to a random stranger.