Sunday, December 10

4 Things To Make Sex More Enjoyable

Sexologists have revealed that many couples experience enhancement in the sexual relations when they are making love to conceive. This is because they do not have any kind of birth control method in their mind and while making sexual contact they are not using any kind of protection. Whether condoms are extra thin or any birth control method you may be using, will not allow you to get the real feeling.

There are several reasons responsible to decrease the pleasure in a sexual act. In case, your partner is not getting pregnant and you are thinking that you are responsible for this. You may be having sex under pressure as if you could have done something different; you are not doing it while keeping her menstrual cycle in mind. Many people complain that they only like to have sex when they want a baby.

This is a difficult time for a couple especially when they are seeing baby bumps and strollers. This increases the pressure to conceive and stress on their mind even worse. Here are a few things that you need to do to make Real Incest Porn sexual act more enjoyable and exciting.

Importance of foreplay

Even if you have planned or scheduled your sexual Real Incest Porn sessions, you need to keep foreplay at priority. Sex is not only intercourse; your emotions are also involved in it. You need to start by caressing her body and focus on those things that she likes.

Focus on pleasure

It is a general perception that male ejaculation is all about sex. Ejaculation is important when you are making love to conceive, but focusing on pleasure and female orgasm will make your experience better. You need to get away from the habit of having sex for procreation.

Try something different

Trying different things will keep your interest in the sexual act. You can start by changing the environment where you are having sex. If you are having sex in your bedroom, then change the location. Add flavor to it, you can light candles or try it in the shower. Try to do something different from your routine.

Have a word with your partner

You cannot expect your partner to have the same kind of likings as you. He or she may want different things in mind. Talking to your partner will help you find the solution to any situation. If you are aware of her dislikes, then you will stay away from them. You will focus on those things that play a significant role in her arousal.