Thursday, June 13

3 Stories of Life After Love from Evan Marc Katz Testimonials

Dating Coach Evan Marc Katz has been helping smart, strong, successful women understand men ever since 2003. As an expert in internet dating, he has helped many single women find their Mr. Right. 

So whether you’re in search of a stable relationship or looking for a way to get past the first date, you need the services of an established online dating coach. And if you’re looking for the best, you don’t need to look further than Mr. Katz. 

Still not convinced? Well, these three Evan Marc Katz testimonials are sure to change your mind and your heart. 

Cheryl O.: Finding the One Online Through Evan Marc Katz’s Book

Like most single people, 41-year-old Cheryl O. tried to find relationships online. But her search was futile. 

After nine months of online dating consisting of 14 first dates, she finally entered a relationship with a man she thought was right for her. The love they had only lasted for seven months as he chose to leave her.

Frustrated with these events, Cheryl decided to attend the Tough Love summit. Here, she encountered Evan Marc Katz for the first time. 

His straightforward and brutally honest advice led her to his website, where she stumbled upon the book titled “Finding the One Online.”

Evan Marc Katz’s book helped her understand men and find love eventually. She took the ‘right’ advice, which included improving her profile and approaching every guy as a friend. With this newfound courage, she was able to shrug off unanswered calls and emails without hesitation easily. 

With the “so what” attitude she got from the book, Cheryl eventually found dating success. It steered her in the right direction and even gave her the confidence she needed to push through with her relationships. 

Now, she has a boyfriend — a mere 106 days after she started reading the book from page to page. 

Maria N.: Succeeding in Love With Evan Marc Katz’s FOCUS Coaching

At 52 years old, Maria N. has a long yet generally bad dating experience. 

Although she already availed of the services of e-Cyrano, author Evan Marc Katz’s profile and email writing service, she felt like the “Princess and the Pea.” More often than not, she thought that most of the men weren’t right for her. 

In essence, they didn’t meet her specifications. There were also the ones who only value her physical characteristics and nothing else. And, whenever she found a man she did want, everything just went bust. 

As recommended by Maria’s hairdresser, she joined the FOCUS group by Evan Marc Katz. Doing so made her life take a turn for the better. 

She eventually found someone of value in the likes of a guy named Dan. Although it took her quite some time to fall for him, she ultimately did give in to his sincerity and dedication. 

Compared to the men she dated before, Dan was attracted to both her looks and intelligence. This made things much easier for her because she can finally talk to someone about anything under the sun. He’s also very understanding, considering that she’s not yet ready to take their relationship to a whole new level. 

Apart from being a great listener, Maria can feel that he’s serious about spending his future with her. 

Ana Y.: Getting Married After Divorce and a Failed Engagement with Private Coaching

Ana is just like the many women who have failed in their attempts to date men. 

She tried anything she could ever get her hands on — the Match website, eHarmony, and ItsJustLunch. She also went on speed dates and blind dates, with a grand total of 80 meetings with over 40 men. Needless to say, she was disappointed and exhausted with the people she had met. 

After listening to her friends’ failed advice and reading a handful of dating books, Ana sought the services of relationship guru Evan Marc Katz. With his years of top-notch date coaching experience, he made her believe in true love once again. 

With this expert dating coach’s guidance, Ana eventually got to know her future partner through She was only his second date, but they clicked with each other relatively quickly. They dated for over a year and got married eventually. 

Cheryl, Maria, and Ana are just some of the women who have nothing but positive reviews for Evan Marc’s services. Like the other satisfied customers before them, these three ladies are very thankful for his assistance. 

Ana even says that he should keep doing what he’s doing because he’s so good at it. Indeed, he is the love wizard of these girls’ stories. 

Evan Marc Katz could be your guru, too. All you need to do is simply sign up for his email subscription service to get his free dating tips and advice.