Saturday, June 25

Day: June 1, 2021


Many things can turn a woman on heat.

Porn is not famous for pragmatism; it is more about fantasy. Often you will find in porn clips women with widespread legs; backs arched orgasming within few minutes of clit rubbing and moaning. What you see in porn videos is a panorama of male fantasy; those positions are not necessary for a pleasing ecstasy; it is not close to what turns a woman on heat. Many women get influenced by porn as the sex education imparted in school is always silent about self-pleasure. The vacuum of knowledge is filled with porn. Her ample resilient buttsĀ  In mainstream porn, you will watch a sexy gorgeous woman fingering her moist, tender vagina aimed at a male audience, both for those who are having sex and those watching. The positions are orchestrated to give a full view of the wet luscious cunt,...